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“, a film that sees actress Anna Marcello making her first directorial debut.

Produced by ToedFilm, “” is a funny story with a bitter background and a strong social content that brings out many wrong mechanisms that affect the contemporary couple and beyond.

An excellent cast and an international crew headed by director of photography Massimo Zeri.



Anna Marcello is a Neapolitan actress. She started as a child to tread the Neapolitan stages and then continued in Rome at the Accademia D'Arte Drammatica dei Cocci. She continues his studies with internationally renowned masters. She attended the three years at the "Le Duse" school directed by Francesca de Sapio, a member of the Actor Studio in New York, specializing with Bernard Hiller, Vincent Schiavelli and Greta Seacat. She continues to study in London at the “Actors Center” and at the “Royal American Academy of Dramatic Arts Act” followed by various English teachers, before returning to Rome to study De Paolis with Doris Hicks. Anna has a professional experience that goes from theater to cinema working with renowned and prestigious directors. In Roberto Faenza's “I Viceré” she plays Chiara and for this role she collaborates with the Oscar winner Milena Canonero. The film is the winner of four David di Donatello, two Nastri D'Argento and numerous other Italian and international awards. Anna participates with important roles in two films directed by Luciano Odorisio: “Senza motente” and “I guardians of the clouds ". She wins the Best Actress award for Bruno Mattei's film “The Tumb”. In the Super Enalotto commercial, in the role of the Spanish Queen, she works with the two Oscar winners: Gabriele Salvatores and Gabriella Pescucci. We see her again as the protagonist in the film “Nero
Bifamigliare ”by Federico Zampaglione. Followed by the two British films directed by Jason Croot: Roberto and the comedy Sheep in fog.
In 2019 she is the only female protagonist of "I believe in a single father" directed by Luca Guardabascio. A film about gender-based violence is based on a story that really happened. At the theater, she performed in large theatrical productions, winning the Roman Summer with the "Mammamia che impression" directed by Luca Biglione, until she reached the Opera house in Rome with "Lacamerata del Conte de Bardi". Parallel to her career as an actress she has always been interested in writing and deepened hers predisposition studying Screenwriting and Direction at Chelsea College in London from 2010 to 2015. His  first short film, “I love you” was shot in 2015 in London.

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