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The lockdown has tested us all. Everyone tried to survive as best they could. For Sabrina and Maria, one solution was to do smartworking together from home, without their boss knowing, of course. One day, unbeknownst to Sabrina, Maria subscribes her to, a chat where group parties are organized at home, but super exclusive (according to Maria) and to which you can participate only after sending a negative swab ! The perfect opportunity comes on the evening when Giorgio, Sabrina's husband, is busy for a very important business "dinner" ...
The guests Maria invited will not be exactly what Sabrina expected. From an initial shock a series of amusing misunderstandings begin that will progressively lead our protagonist, dragged by her uninhibited friend, to let herself go. At the same time, some skeletons will also be discovered in Giorgio's wardrobe. The story begins as a comedy and gets progressively darker. A couple, due to the dynamics triggered by the pandemic, loses their fake balance and gets out of control overwhelmed by a whirlwind of hypocrisy, reality, fictions and betrayals. The two, perhaps still in love, no longer know how to go back. is a funny story with a bitter background and a strong social content that leads to the discovery of many wrong mechanisms that affect the contemporary couple.

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Vision is a project that was born from the artistic will of a group of film professionals who, at the end of November 2020, when it seemed that everything had stopped, decided to come together and continue creating despite the difficult moment. “To react, we decided to tell the reality of what was happening within society, with simple and a bit ironic tones, but not superficial. We were inspired by the classics of post-war Italian comic cinema, where strong themes were told with simplicity and lightness and humor was used to exorcise the drama of the moment”. This film was supported by Toed Film and nearly 40 film artists and technicians, to send a strong message of hope and reboot. 

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Andrea, Karim (1)
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